Breaker Hill Wind Farm Facts

  • Situated on Breaker Hill & Craig Hill, Almont, near Poundland between Pinwherry and Colmonell
  • 9 turbines
  • Height to blade tip 86.5m
  • Turbine size 800kW
  • Total output 7.2MW
  • Developer: Wind Prospect Ltd
  • Planning stage: application submitted to South Ayrshire Council, 13th November 2013

For comparison, the existing tv/radio mast on Glessal Hill is 30m high.

Site Information

The Breaker Hill Wind Farm would be comprised of nine 800kW wind turbines, with a 60m tower height and 53m diameter rotor, therefore 86.5m high in total. Construction work would also be necessary for the underground cables, access tracks, anemometer masts, a switchgear building and a temporary construction compound.

Taking electricity off the site would necessitate additional poles or pylons to carry cables from the hills to the nearest substation, possibly Mark Hill substation near Pinwherry. In addition about 153.2 hectares of commercial conifer plantation would be clear felled to accommodate the wind farm.

Cumulative Impact

The site is in an area already heavily populated by wind farms (see map below). Hadyard Hill, Mark Hill and Arecleoch are operational, Kilgallioch and Assel Valley are approved. Glen App and Loch Ree, Straid, Tralorg, Corwar, and Altercannoch have submitted planning applications.

There is also the 54 metre high turbine at Maclachrieston Farm towering over Pinmore.